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Stay positive. Here are ten things you can do to stay positive: 1. Read positive quotes 2. Smile 3. Surround yourself with positive happy people 4. Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive 5. You create your life-take responsibility for making it amazing. 6. Help someone else 7. Remember that no one […]

Line a porch, walkway, or window sill with our Jack O’Lantern Luminaries! Sturdy rustic painted steel buckets with cut-out faces that let candlelight through. Just add your own tealights for a spooky glow! Swinging wire handles make them easy to hang or tote around. Set of three, ranging in size from 7-1/4″ tall to 4-1/2″ […]

The good thing about this barbed wire—as opposed to the real stuff—is that it is nylon, so it won’t tear up your party guests like real barbed wire could. That stuff is mean. This stuff is just for fun. You get 1 garland of barbed wire—18 feet—in a package. Pretty cool stuff that you can use […]