Rock Out to Golden Oldies on Halloween and Every Day

Posted November 18th, 2012 by Halloweenish

Are you planning your Halloween party for next year yet? How about this for a theme: Golden Oldies?

Think about all those old horror movies from the 50s and 60s. Play DVDs of them on TVs and computers and mute the movie sounds.

Then for your party music, play classic Halloween hits from the same era: Monster Mash, the Munsters, the theme from Dark Shadows, the Adams Family theme…and zillions more. You can also use 70s and 80s hits like Tubular Bells (from The Exorcist), Ghost Busters, and so on.

Your Halloween party can be a blast from the past. It’s fun to play oldies while decorating from Halloween…or for Christmas or Hannukah, too. The old tunes bring back happier days and fun times.

Oldies are easy to find nowadays. There’s a website called Oldies But Goodies Songs that specializes in the golden oldies, so you don’t have to wade through a lot of later stuff to find what you want. It is way easier now to make a “mix tape” of your favorites by downloading MP3s and just making a play list.

Really any kind of party—New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, whatever—can benefit from a great oldies classic rock soundtrack. People just seem to brighten up and have more fun—even the younger ones.

And a nostalgic soundtrack always suggests fun themes and decorations. The party almost plans itself. Even the food is fun.

I like to make a trivia game with people naming the song from just little short sound clips. You would be surprised how easy it is usually—and how hard it can be sometimes. But it is always fun and hilarious with people competing to be the first to answer correctly.

Golden Oldie party prizes are fun, too. How about a pumpkin pie for the winner? A dunce cap for the worst guesser? Let your imagination run wild.

Next up: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree at the Christmas Party Hop” and “Here Comes Hannuka!, followed by “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

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