Zombie Flamingo (Gray)

Posted December 19th, 2013 by Halloweenish

Not even animals can avoid the zombie apocalypse. The Flamingo Zombie Yard Stake is an exotic, yet creepy, Halloween decoration for your lawn. This prop comes with a skeleton of a flamingo, with very skinny legs, that still has a few pink feathers on its end. The front beak is still long and accented by bright red eyes. Even flamingos look deadly and dangerous when they are turned into the undead. Bring an exotic and a fun look to Halloween this year.

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3 Responses to “Zombie Flamingo (Gray)”

  1. Samuel Van Ryder

    Legless Roulette I ordered two of these. One came with legs, the other did’t. So I returned the one that was legless and ordered a replacement. I received ANOTHER legless flamingo. Seriously? You can’t check to make sure the legs are in the (clear plastic) bag it comes in before you throw it in the box? I am on the fence on sending back the third one – it’s almost a waste of time. Maybe I can get some thin dowels as the hobby store and use those instead. COOL product, POOR quality.

  2. Jimmy Yanes

    misleading the falmingo is cool and cute but very very small, i probably should have read the measurements but it looked large and grand in the pics and withthe price I expected a large size lawn flamingo instead it’s tiny and may go unnoticed by my party guests. disapointing size loses effect I wanted it to have but it is cool looking

  3. brent lindsey

    Small and leg less It’s still a cool zombie flamingo….. But it didn’t ship with any legs! None! Also is very small….. My cat is bigger!

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