Trick Or Treats

Posted May 10th, 2014 by Halloweenish

Five years after his wife, Joan (Carrie Snodgress, THE FURY), had him wrongfully and deliberately committed to a mental institution so she could live with her boyfriend (David Carradine, KILL BILL, TV’s KUNG-FU), Malcolm (Peter Jason, 48HRS) escapes on Halloween night and arrives back at his old house to murder her, except Joan is not home but she’s out with her boyfriend while babysitter Linda (Jacqueline Giroux, THIS IS HIJACK) is looking after Malcolm’s 10-year-old son Christopher (Chris Graver), an equally psychotic and demented practical joker until, under cover of darkness, Malcolm shows up and planning on making a visit. Steve Railsback (STUNT MAN, LIFEFORCE), Paul Bartel (EATING RAOUL), Jillian Kesner (RAW FORCE), John Blyth Barrymore Football great Dan Pastorini and Tim Rossovich co-star. Written, produced & director by the late Gary Graver! magical advisory by Orson Welles!!!


Brand New HiDef master from the original 35mm camera negatives!

Audio commentary with stars Jackie Giroux, Peter Jason, Chris Graver, Cinematographer R. Michael Stringer, moderated by Sean Graver.

audio interview with Steve Railsback

code red trailers

1.78.1 (16×9)

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2 Responses to “Trick Or Treats”

  1. Bobby

    A long forgotten 1982 slasher. Where’s the dvd release? 0

  2. The Straw Man "J.E. Hoppock"

    The only trick is this lackluster DVD-R 0

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