Trick or Treat

Posted January 3rd, 2013 by Halloweenish

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  1. M. Casarino

    Treat. Definitely Treat. Sometimes a movie can become a perfect little time capsule. “Trick or Treat” is such a movie. I have no idea how seriously the filmmakers intended it to be (the casting implies their tongues were quite firmly lodged in their cheeks), but it hits on, and satirizes, so many themes of its time – the alienation of outsiders, the perceived danger of heavy metal lyrics & backward masking, the fear of satanism – that I have to believe there’s some kind of genius at work here.


    A good sounding heavy metal band of the 80′s! The movie was alot of fun to watch which featured Marc Price(The Keaton’s neighbor Skippy on “Family Ties”)who does an energetic performance in the movie. I thought that Fastway did very well with their music for the movie. I really like “Stand Up.” Other great numbers are “After Midnight”, “Get Tough”, “Don’t Stop the Fight” and the theme song “Trick Or Treat.” Tony Fields plays the dead rocker Sammi Curr who lipsynchs to the songs. If you have the soundtrack, and haven’t seen the movie yet, watch it on Halloween, you’ll want to eat it up!

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