Strange and Scary Creatures Knocking At Your Front Door?

Invite them for the best Halloween party ever. Great fun easy-to-make unique party favors and spooky ideas to make your Halloween party remembered forever. Severed Zombie hands and scary Popcorn Blobs that will take over your party and maybe take over the world! These delicious recipes feature the dreaded Candy Corn originally created in 1880.

To help you off to a successful party we are giving you a Triple Halloween Bonus.


Spooky Halloween Coloring Book Normally $2.99

If the kids lose interest in making all these treats and don’t want to help any more. To help you cope, we understand how the kids are underfoot when preparing for something special. You can download a FREE copy of our Spooky Halloween Coloring Book. This should keep the young busy while you prepare. You can print as many coloring pages as you desire. There are 17 different Halloween drawings to color.


Halloween Party Book. Normally $4.95


Make Your Halloween More Exciting

A big Halloween ebook packed fun ideas and recipes that will jump-start your event. You will have some proven tricks to make your party really unique and something they will not forget. This book will make you a Halloween expert you will know everything from the History of Halloween to the things the kid should know before going Trick or Treating.


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Grab a copy of TOP 13 FUN HALLOWEEN PARTY RECIPES AND MORE SPOOKY IDEAS now, to assure your Halloween Party success.

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