Spooky Pets For Halloween

Posted October 6th, 2013 by Halloweenish
Halloween is right around the corner and maybe you have an idea of what you would like to wear, but do you have a Halloween canine costume picked out for your dog? There are so many ideas on costumes for pets. A dog is the best pet to dress up because like us, they dont mind looking silly.

The possibilities are endless. When my dog Shiloh was alive (shepherd/lab mix) he used to go trick or treating with me and the kids. Of course he was in costume; he was the hit of the neighborhood.

One year he was Catdog from the cartoon of the same name. We just found the largest size stuffed animal of a cat at a thrift store and tied it to his backside. That costume, because the show was so popular was the talk of the town for a week.

Another year we dressed Shiloh up as a nanny. He wore an apron and a dust cap. That was a big hit and very easy to do. He looked like the dog Nanna from Peter Pan.

Now we have a Dachshund and he is so much fun to dress up. Chewy loves wearing clothes, I think its a Doxie thing. He was Spiderman one year, a costume we bought on line. There are many sites for dog costumes on line. It makes things very easy.
The next y
ear I made his a costume. The party we were having was a Super hero theme so, I just sewed a piece of material to one of his sweaters with Super Sausage written on it. It was a super hit.

The possibilities are endless. If you cant make it just order it. The pet costumes do not cost a lot. But you can always make one. If you have a white dog put black spots on him and he is a Dalmatian. Tie a baseball cap to his head and put a jersey on him. Put a karate outfit on him and tell everyone he is taking lessons.

Whatever you do on Halloween dont forget mans/womans best friend. You will have a spooktacular party and have a dog gone good time. Do it right and your dog can win the best Halloween costume award this year!

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