Contents: (2) 36″ x 60″ Posters
Removable corner stick adhesive squares included.

Home décor for seasonal decorating.

Product consists of plastic film substrate printed with water-based inks.
Packed with instructions and wrapped in a sealed poly-bag.

This product is a not a toy or intended for use by children.

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2 Responses to “Shady Spiders Translucent Window Decorations “Double Window Design””

  1. Copley Jim

    Halloween window decor I bought the spiders, the large pumpkin, and the cat eyes. A bit of a problem keeping the one in the bathroom hung in the window due to moisture from the shower. I elected to use regular tape instead of the double stick tape that is supplied and is supposed to be stuck to the window (didn’t want to fight getting it off) but all other rooms stayed put. Some of the rooms’ existing light fixtures did not afford enough lumens to make the window effect stand out, so I added some table lamps. Once that was done, the effect from the street was stunning! Especially the cat eyes. The spiders were creepy and even the pumpkin looked good. I would attach a photo if I knew how…My only problem was Amazon’s ordering screen. Somehow I ended up with a double order for all the window decor orders. Got to be more careful with their screens.

  2. elmo2274

    Pretty realistic looking and sure to scare. I’ve had this for a few halloweens now and its holding up pretty good. The material is thicker and doesn’t rip and fall apart like some other window covers I’ve used.

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