Set the scene for your next Halloween party with these warning signs. They’re made of sturdy corrugated plastic, but have the look of aged wood with quite a bit of blood spatter. One sign reads: “Danger,” and “Enter at Your Own Risk ,” another reads “Beware” and “Go Back!” and the third reads “Keep Out” and “Condemned.” Each package contains the 3 different warning signs, each measuring 12in high x 9in wide. These signs are easy to use and re-use.

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2 Responses to “Set of 3- Halloween Cemetery Sidewalk Signs- “Beware Go Back”, “Keep Out! Condemned”, Danger! Enter At Your Own Risk!”-12″ X 9″”

  1. LCK

    They are super small and made of laminated thin corrugated cardboard

  2. brian

    I agree with previous buyer. These are complete rip …

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