Self Adhesive Set 12 Fake Mustaches Costume Party Disguise

Posted September 1st, 2013 by Halloweenish

Get ready for the next mustache party with this set of 12 mustaches. Casanova, the scoundrel, the partyboy, the rogue, the bandit, and the smarty. They are all here for your many disguises.

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3 Responses to “Self Adhesive Set 12 Fake Mustaches Costume Party Disguise”

  1. rlusk

    Mustache Cash Stache! What’s not to love? All the best mustaches of all time together in one place for a low, low price! Only thing that would be better is if it came with a sheet of non-stick-ish paper that you could put them on “between uses” so that they could be used more than once. Tried waxed paper with disappointing results. Other than that, these made my stash loving 12 year old son very happy- all until he wore one to school and his homeroom teacher made him take it off… I think she was just jealous.

  2. YCH

    Good but Needs Quality Control Only giving 4 stars because according to the packaging I was supposed to receive 2 casanovas and 2 partyboys, but in fact I received 3 casanovas and only 1 partyboy. This of course threw out of whack the charmer-to-partier ratio of my stache collection, but by overcompensating on the partying in other ways I was able to bring everything back into balance.

  3. Babymj24

    Fun! Great addition for the price. One of the great addition to my sons pirate bday party. Shipping is fast and I’m really happy with this purchase I wish I would have bought 2 sets, didnt know it would be such a big hit in my sons party!

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