Sayhi Trick or Treat Halloween Design:
Our Sayhi pumpkin lamp, funny and smiling design, perfect decoration for Halloween theme parties, carnival, festival, celebration and special occasion.
Unique model design of new release in 2016. With a new and fresh Halloween light to enjoy happy time with family and friends.
You can put them on dinner table, trees, windows and wherever you like, to creat a more realistic Halloween.
Perfect to enhance the strange effects of Halloween, and perfect for bars,KTV, parties, and holidays decoration.
It is durable for a long lifespan,energy saving and environmental friendly.
Made of eco-friendly lightweight thermal plastic material.7W Bulb is included which help you use as soon as you get it.
Safety tested and UL Certified. Non waterproof,please when using outdoor,be careful for the power source.
Color: Bright Yellow
A: 14″ (25*28*37cm)
B: 15″ (18*17.5*40cm)
C: 16″ (29*25.5*42cm)
D: 20″ (35*35*50cm)
E: 13″ (23.5*23.5*34cm)
Package Content:
1 x Pumpkin Lamp with bulb (with box package)
Dispatched from our USA warehouse,which means you could get the items within 3-5 days.
Only 1000PCS for sales before Halloween!!!
Please check all the accessories,if something is missing,please feel free to contact us.We will resend you immedately.
Long distance and uncertain shippment may cause some trouble for you,please attach some photos with your email when you have doubts for the items.
Seller Warranty:
Within 24hr Order Shipped Out.
12 Working days Arriveing Time.
One Week Money Back Guarantee.
30-Day Replacement Warranty.

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