BRAND NEW in the Store Display Box…SCREAMING DOORMAT…Pressure Sensitive–Just Place it Under Your Doormat…Battery Operated…Too Much Fun!

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2 Responses to “Pressure Sensitive SCREAMING DOORMAT Halloween Decoration BATTERY OPERATED (Just Place It Under Your Doormat)”

  1. Melody Reid "Wyt Crow"

    Great fun! I put this under a spider door mat at the entrance to my front courtyard. All had to step on it to enter. We had many shrieks from the kids. This helped make my house the hit of the neighborhood.

  2. jeremy grueninger

    Good, almost too sensitive. Does a very good job, a little cheesy, but meh, its for trick or treaters, take what you can get for the price. Don’t put too heavy of a door mat over it, or it will constantly set it off, as the sensor is a bit sensitive.

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