Nanoblock Jack-o-lantern 2013 Nbc-097

Posted January 30th, 2014 by Halloweenish

Product introduction
Enjoy nano block handy, from light users mini collection series, Halloween limited product has a favorable reception every year will be released. It becomes the specifications of Miniature Effect this year.

Commodity Description
Nano block of Halloween limited product comes up this year! It is a nano-block with the motif of a Jack O Lantern pumpkin ghost! It becomes the specifications of Miniature Effect this year. ● nanoblock and (nano block) it? nanoblock is a block of super-mini size of the world’s smallest class of 4mm x 4mm slightly raised dot one. It is a characteristic of the maximum be able to elaborate until a small part that could not be reproduced of course, smaller, and be able to make an cute work in the common block size Taking advantage of its smallness. I enjoy adult is absorbed. Thoroughly, I can pursue the completion of the work. nanoblock is a block of a whole new hobby for adults.

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