Luigi Halloween Costume

Posted January 28th, 2014 by Halloweenish
Looking to be Luigi for Halloween? Why not get the Luigi Halloween Costume? The next most well-liked Mario Bros costume option is Mario’s brother Luigi. Luigi is taller and slimmer than his brother, with a similar outfit (except for the fact that it’s green and not red). Luigi is often there to conserve his brother, but he does tend to get into trouble himself and can, at times, be a little cowardly!

The official Luigi costume by Nintendo is available in each child/ toddler and adult sizes. It functions the blue dungarees/ green shirt and the inexperienced hat featuring the letter “L”. And who could forget the mustache to match his brother’s.

Selecting the best Luigi Halloween Costume

Should you plan to be Luigi this Halloween, you’ll set your self apart from the crowd. Even though several might select Mario, you’ll be smart to be distinctive as a Super Mario fan. As always, be certain to compare the best value prices for them. Get them now although they’re still obtainable at a discount.

Other Super Mario Costumes To Consider

There is a Super Mario bros costume idea for the women and girls out there, and that’s Princess Peach – the princess that Mario is continuously trying to conserve! This is a great costume for girls who love to gown up like princesses, along with a new official costume for kids was released for this year. The Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach Child Costume features a pink dress with puff sleeves, long white gloves, and a soft crown headpiece.

Or perhaps you would rather dress as Yoshi, the fun dinosaur who also features in the game. The Yoshi costume is accessible in both adult and child sizes, coming with the memorable inexperienced dinosaur jumpsuit and also the dinosaur head.

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