Each Halloween Decoration Jack-O-Lanterns, Our full color digitally printed 4mil corrugated plastic pumpkins is sure to be the hit of the party. Measuring 6’2″ and 29″ wide, they sure to make an impact. Your jack-o’-lanters will arrive folded in half (which allows for affordable shipping!) and complete with your choice of stand/backing option. Choose the backing option which will work best for your displaying purposes.

Outdoor Option
We’ve created a custom back brace system that will help extend the life and durability of your stand up cutout. Your sign will ship flat to you, with the back brace. You’ll receive 3 zip ties for opening the center brace and securing the two sides together around a large green stake (green stake not included). You can purchase a green steel stake at many local hardware or home stores.

Indoor/Outdoor Option
Indoor/Outdoor backing will be an easel that will arrive flat. Just pop into place and go up for display right out of the box. This backing brace option is best used for indoor displays. 4 EZ wires will ship with each cutout and can be used for temporary outside displays – as long as there is not a stiff breeze blowing.

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