Lectro Lights are the first remote controlled, submersible, color changing LED Lights! Just place the lighting base wherever you prefer, and use the remote control to change its colors and dazzle your friends and family! Lectro Lights are absolutely perfect to replace the dangerous candles inside your Jack O Lanterns. Safe and easy to use, replaces flames and candles. Lectro Lights are also great inside your vases, for camping, decor for the home during the holidays or parties; the uses for it are endless! Lectro Lights are also submersible in liquid. Simply put the lighting base inside your flower vases, your fish tank/bowls and almost anywhere you can imagine! The many features of the remote control include : on/off buttons, Red, Green, Blue + 9 other color options, Fade button, Jump button, Brightness options, Reset button, as well as a range of up to 30 feet! ***3 AAA Batteries Not Included***

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