Finally….you can enjoy Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans and candy corn in a convenient variety set with an individual snack pack size!

Jelly Belly’s Kids Mix flavors include 20 flavors kids love but are now in a smaller fun pack size of twenty five 0.28 ounce bags. Some of the flavors included in the mix are: Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Chocolate Pudding, Bubble Gum and many more!

The fun packs of Jelly Belly Candy Corn are perfect for a school lunch, or hand them out as party favors – the most delicious Candy Corn in the world!

Use the miniature sized bags to hand out for Halloween and you will be the most popular house on the block! For even more fun you can make Indian Corn Cupcakes or Creepy Critter Cupcakes using the recipes included on the back of the bag.

All Jelly Belly products are fat free, gluten free and peanut free. The jelly beans are only 4 calories per bean.

Your order will include one bag of Jelly Belly Kids Mix which contains twenty five 0.28 bags of Kids Mix jelly beans and one bag of Jelly Belly Fun Pack Candy Corn which contains twenty five 0.28 oz bags of Candy Corn. Enjoy!

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