Jack O Lantern Candy Bucket

Posted December 13th, 2013 by Halloweenish

Creepy Candy Holders! The jack o lantern candy bucket is the perfect party accessory. Whether as a table centerpiece overflowing with spooky treats, or a party favor give a way for the kids, this pumpkin candy holder is a great addition to your event. 6″ tall and 5″ wide at opening. Made of plastic. Pumpkin shaped with black handle. Ideal for any Halloween party or event. A simple supply that your guests will notice and admire. Part of Supplies > Baskets

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3 Responses to “Jack O Lantern Candy Bucket”

  1. Diamond Cat

    Perfect for the little ones I love these pumpkins. I was having a hard time finding just the right size for my two year old twins. These are great because they are not too thin and they are not too cheap looking like a lot of the ones I was finding in stores. The actual dimensions are as follows: 6.25″ tall,8″ diameter at the widest part of the pumpkin, the opening at the top is 4.75″ across and the handle is .38″ across. I’m glad I bought these and they shipped very quickly.

  2. Aryel Reish

    Perfect I used this in my wedding as the bucket for the flowers and it worked great. Only thing is over time and with heavy use I could see the handle coming off the pumpkin.

  3. Anonymous

    I wanted to order 2 of these jack o lanterns but accidentally ordered one. They added on to my order and truly had to go to a lot of trouble considering these items are inexpensive. I so appreciate how kind and patient they were, and how unbelievable accomodating. The items were perfectly packaged and even arrived earlier than I expected. I wish every company offered the excellent customer care that these guys do!

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