HIT Favorites: Trick or Treat Tales

Posted September 20th, 2014 by Halloweenish

From KIDS FIRST!: With the perfect balance of spookiness and fun, HIT Entertainment brings together a collection of classic stories celebrating the fun of Halloween. Join Thomas the Tank Engine as he discovers that things aren’t spooky when you look at them closely. Find out that it’s fun to dress up, but also great to be yourself in Barney’s episode. Discover the benefits of helping others with Bob the Builder, and discover the fun of playing pirates with Fifi. Halloween is full of great adventures and offers an occasion when friends can dress up and explore. Although, sometimes this can get you into trouble, as Angelina and Alice find out at the costume ball. “HIT Favorites: Trick or Treat Tales” shows social dilemmas appropriate for the intended audience. It provides positive role models for interpersonal relationships, and good lessons in making friends, resolving conflict in a non-violent way, and overcoming fears. KIDS FIRST!® Child Juror Comments: “This was fun. I liked when Thomas was covered in the white and the other engine thought he was a ghost. Angelina and Alice shouldn’t have left the babysitter.” 58 min.; Ages 2-5.

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