Whether you’re preparing for a big Halloween party or a “Trick or Treat” night out in the neighborhood, have fun with the whole family by getting together before hand to prepare some of these tasty, quick and easy recipes that everyone will love.

With all the excitement of the little ones as they skip happily up and down the neighborhood streets, ringing doorbells and looking for their favorite candy and treats, older kids and even adults will love to get in on the action too.

These recipes are designed to be quick and easy so you can spend more time with your family and friends. While not all these desserts are strictly traditional, (and some take a bit more time than others) most are quick and easy and all are family favorites!

Halloween is a fun holiday for every one and some of the best family memories can be created by baking quick and easy, tasty treats together.

The scent of freshly baked and sumptuous desserts reminds us of home and a warm and wonderful time with family and friends.

Kids and adults of all ages will love spending time together creating these delicious treats and enjoying them with a hot cup of cocoa, coffee, milk or tea on a wonderful, magical Halloween evening of fun.

I hope you will enjoy these favorite family recipes!

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