Halloween Pumpkins

Posted October 1st, 2013 by Halloweenish

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3 Responses to “Halloween Pumpkins”

  1. lilklw1977 ""T""

    Relaxing Love this game! I have my kids addicted to it. I can’t play it by myself unless they are at school.

  2. Edie Fletcher

    pretty cool for free its a pretty simple game, kind of cool for free, now it could use some graphics to it and it would be nice if they had a line that told you when you went out too far so you wouldnt, this game kind of reminds me of the tiptop game by popcap, its a nice simple quick game while you are waiting for something

  3. Sam

    Not for Kindle Fire I like this game online but the small size of my kindle screen makes it hard to move those tiny pumpkins and place them where you want them to go so, no fun!

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