Halloween Pumpkin Carver

Posted October 1st, 2013 by Halloweenish

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2 Responses to “Halloween Pumpkin Carver”

  1. A. Spalding

    Fun in the fall to play with for kids Chose this one to entertain a 7 yr old daughter who gets bored easily when we’re waiting in lines, etc. She loves my kindle, and love my phone, so with games like this installed it’s a great way to get her to sit still and be patient. This is one of her favorite games!

  2. mckaylively

    Great Halloween Fun! Although I generally think of this as an app to use around Halloween, the reality is that my kids love “drawing” and “carving” pumpkins with the app all year long. It’s easy to carve with just the swipe of a hand, allows you to undo the last step in your carving, and allows saving of the final product for review at a later time.

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