Halloween Music Collection

Posted October 10th, 2013 by Halloweenish

The original Halloween Music Maestros, Midnight Syndicate has been setting the mood for Halloween enthusiasts, the world’s finest haunted houses, and amusement parks for over sixteen years. This special 13th Anniversary best of-type collection features their signature blend of dark, orchestral movie-style music and sound effects. Specifically mixed for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, and yard haunts, this disc is a must have for any Halloween aficionado and the perfect introduction to Midnight Syndicate! (65 minutes – contains previously recorded material)

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  1. Joker

    Happy Halloween, Midnight Syndicate style For starters, who is Midnight Syndicate? If you’ve never heard of them, they are a duo (Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka) whose specialty is making scary, atmospheric Halloween/gothic horror music that they call “soundtracks for the imagination” or “soundtracks to imaginary films”, where the listener can picture a haunted world of their own creation by using their imagination. In other words, these guys create soundtracks to horror movies that don’t exist. Their music is played everywhere throughout the Halloween season – costume shops, role playing game shops, amusement parks, haunted attractions, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion Halloween parties, you name it. Their music has even been played on TV – Monday Night Football, Barbara Walters specials, haunted documentaries, etc. It also has been played at King Diamond concerts, as well as The Misfits.Midnight Syndicate’s musical style is basically dark classical or neo-classical, or “gothic horror”. In the simplest way to describe their music, it’s Halloween soundtrack music. On their albums you’ll hear dark ambient music with added sound effects such as creaky doors, footsteps, grandfather clocks, music boxes, heartbeats, ghostly voices, voice narrations, sinister laughter, howling winds, tolling bells, bats, rats, shaking chandeliers, rain, thunder and lightning, and much more.This album is a 22-track collection of some of Midnight Syndicate’s darkest songs. If you already own all their CDs, then there’s no reason to buy this CD unless you’d just like to have it in your collection anyway. This CD is good for introducing new fans to some of Midnight Syndicate’s darkest material. The CD is really meant to be played outside while the trick-or-treaters are visiting your home on Halloween night. In order to get all of their great material, I highly recommend buying Midnight Syndicate’s entire catalog of CDs, but this Halloween Music Collection CD is a good place to start your collection if you’re a new fan.This collection contains tracks from the following albums:Realm Of Shadows (2000)Gates Of Delirium (2001)Vampyre (2002)Dungeons & Dragons – Official Roleplaying Soundtrack (2003)The 13th Hour (2005)Out Of The Darkness (2006)The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates (2008)Here are the tracks:1. Family Secrets (from The 13th Hour)2. Darkness Descends (from Out Of The Darkness)3. Fallen Grandeur (from The 13th Hour)4. Room 47 (from Gates Of Delirium)5. Born Of The Night (from Out Of The Darkness)6. Raven’s Hollow (from Realm Of Shadows)7. Awakening (from Vampyre)8. Shadows (from Out Of The Darkness)9. Haunted Nursery (from Out Of The Darkness with sound effects from “Footsteps In The Dust” from The 13th Hour)10. Army Of The Dead (from Dungeons & Dragons – Official Roleplaying Soundtrack)11. Dark Legacy (from The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates)12. Morbid Fascination (from Gates Of Delirium)13. Deadly Intentions (from The 13th Hour)14. Undead Hunters (from Vampyre)15. Soliloquy (from Out Of The Darkness)16. Tempest (from Realm Of Shadows)17. Grisly Reminder (from The 13th Hour)18. Residents Past (from Gates Of Delirium)19. Veiled Hunter (from The 13th Hour)20. Alchemist’s Chamber (from The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates)21. Noctem Aeternus (from Out Of The Darkness)22. Vampyre (a shortened version – from Vampyre)Have fun. I recommend this album, especially for new fans.

  2. Blondie#1

    Truly a spooky CD Gotta say I love this CD! Picked it up to add a creepy atmosphere while trick or treaters came by. But I’ll be listening to this more than just at Halloween. The Midnight Syndicate truly knows how to create original scary music!

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