Halloween Food for the Courageous of Hearts

A real Halloween Party needs True Halloween Food.

When the clock strikes 12 and the most horredous creatures dwell on the street, you need some comfort food to make you and your guests feel safe.

The Halloween recipes in this book are fun to make, the names of the dishes are completely in the spirit of Halloween.

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3 Responses to “Halloween food for the Courageous of Hearts: Halloween Recipes for Your Halloween Party”

  1. Lynn Bryan

    Halloween recipes I got this book to help with ideas for our upcoming Halloween party and this book gave me several new ideas that did not disappoint. Can’t wait to try them out. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Anonymous

    Maitre Baldwin is a chef from the Netherlands who’s whipped up a bunch of fun, crowd-pleasingly gory recipes for All Hallow’s Eve. Who wouldn’t enjoy preparing, and then eating dishes called “The Chainsaw Massacre Served in a Dead Man’s Head”? And for the trick or treaters who stop by, Baldwin has a recipe for “Baked Bats.” Good fun for the whole family!

  3. Anonymous

    ‘Halloween Recipes for the Courageous of hearts’ gives you 11 excellent, spooky recipes for a holiday party. You get three cocktails, two soups, three sides and three desserts. He brings some advanced techniques like creating a flambe down to the level of the average cook and makes it simple and fun to do so. Don’t overlook the Troll Turds in Dragon Drool. It sounds absolutely dreadful until you see the recipe, which sounds absolutely delightful. The great thing is that if you take off the scary names, you can serve any of these dishes at any time of the year and they will be just as delicious without the macabre, intimidating titles. I think this is an excellent collection of recipes and I want to see more from this talented Dutch chef.

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