Giant Creepy cloth spider

This foam spider is shrouded in creepy cloth!

Hang this decoration outdoors to scare trick-or-treaters or indoors to creep out haunted house guests!

This eight-legged creature is sure to add fright to your Halloween night! Includes hanger.

4 ft.

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2 Responses to “Halloween decoration – GIANT Creepy Cloth SPIDER – extends 4 feet!”

  1. Frank C. Bennett III

    Very disappointing halloween decoration This “giant” spider will almost fit in your hand when folded up. It is not scary and won’t even stand up by itself. It’s eyes do not light up or glow as the picture would indicate. The item is labelled as coming from Oriental Trading Company product number 42 / 298 and costs less there. This is a disappointing Amazon purchase.

  2. happyshopper

    what a piece of junk i was so confused when i took this out of the package to put it up for my halloween party. it was essentially just a gigantic piece of grey cheesecloth. there was no spider form at all! no eyes, no legs. just a big rectangle of grey cheesecloth! what a ripoff.

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