Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Special DiviMax Edition)

Posted December 16th, 2013 by Halloweenish

TEN YEARS AGO, HE CHANGED THE FACE OF HALLOWEEN. TONIGHT, HE’S BACK. A decade ago, he butchered 16 people trying to get to his sister. He was shot and incinerated, but still the entity that Dr. Sam Loomis (the legendary Donald Pleasence) calls “Evil on two legs” would not die. Tonight, Michael Myers has come home again…to kill! This time, Michael returns to Haddonfield for Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris of HALLOWEEN 5 and THE LAST BOY SCOUT) – the orphaned daughter of Laurie Strode – and her babysitter Rachel (Ellie Cornell of HALLOWEEN 5 and HOUSE OF THE DEAD). Can Loomis stop Michael before the unholy slaughter reaches his innocent young niece? Michael Pataki, Sasha Jenson and Kathleen Kinmont co-star in this smash sequel that marked the long-awaited return to the original storyline and remains infamous for its startling twist ending and graphic violence.

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  1. Daniel Jolley "darkgenius"

    Welcome home, Michael Halloween 4 is a terrific entry in the best slasher series of all time. While it doesn’t have quite the all-pervading atmosphere, suspense, and general gloom and doom of the incomparable original, it more than lives up to the Halloween tradition. To me, the key to this movie’s success is the acting talent of both Donald Pleasance (Dr. Loomis) and young newcomer Danielle Harris (Michael’s niece Jamey). Disfigured from his encounter with Michael ten years earlier, Dr. Loomis strides through this movie as the avenging hero he is, having to convince foolish minds that Michael has returned home to wreak havoc yet again. Of course, you can blame a couple of paramedics for tipping Michael off that he still has a living relative, namely his sister Laurie’s little girl Jamie (Laurie has supposedly died in an accident a year earlier). After Michael is transferred out from under Loomis’ nose, he naturally escapes and begins leaving a trail of bodies on his way to Haddonfield. Loomis is right behind him, intent on saving the little girl from her evil uncle. The young Danielle Harris gives an incredible performance for someone so young, conveying emotion and fear quite convincingly. After this movie came out, I remember hearing some criticism of terrorizing such a young person in this type of horror atmosphere, and Harris spoke quite eloquently on the subject from her perspective. She brings to this movie talent well beyond her years.

  2. Chad Law

    The best in the series! A lot of people will hate to hear me say it, but this is my favorite HALOWEEN movie! I think mainly because I grew up with it. I was born the year the original came out so I didn’t get to see it in theatres like I did this one. For me, this was the introduction of Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis (though I have of course seen the previous films since).This sequel is very close in plot to the original film it just has a bigger budget. Michael Myers has come back to Haddonfield, only instead of his sister, it’s his niece (Danielle Harris) that he’s after. And of course, several innocent teenagers get in his way. Donald Pleasance can do no wrong. Personally, I think with his death so should have come the death of this franchise. These movies are not the same since Pleasance passed. In this film, Pleasances character is more determined and crazed than he was in the first two films and the audience is better off for it. I can’t praise Danielle Harris performance enough. She was only ten yesr old when she made this movie and she does a great job. Since, though, I haven’t seen in her in hardly anything other than the URBAN LEGEND. This, like I said, is the best in the series to me. I watch it every Halloween and I can’t praise it enough. Kudos to Dwight H. Little.

  3. Mark

    Mr. Myers is back and well rested The sequals continue in this slasher. I must say it was exilerating for me to watch due to the fact that I’m a huge fan of the series. The plot revolves around the fact that Michaels niece, Jamie, is being stalked by wicked psychopath Michael Myers. Stemming from the 1978 hit, Halloween 4 in my opinion is an good sequale which I promise will scare you stiff. Danielle Harris (Jamie) lights up the screen with her excellent acting along with Donald Pleasence (Sam Loomis) The reason this didn’t earn a 4 is because of the some what thin plot and mediocre acting by the supporting cast members. Mostly hormone driven teens which you want to see die anyway. The movie can be a bit slow at times also. But that’s kind of a contridiction due to the fact the original Halloween was slow and still was a great movie. In conclusion, I recommend this to any hard core horror flick fans. For others I think it will seem like any other “average” movie out there. Got to say something about what I said? E-mail me at: omicron_30@yahoo.com.

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