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3 Responses to “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers / Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (Halloween Double Feature)”

  1. Houston Jowell

    Nice space saver 0

  2. Monty Moonlight

    Michael Myers Returns in this Danielle Harris Two-Fer Halloween 4: It’s Halloween, 1988, and Michael Myers is back, this time to stalk the small daughter of now deceased Laurie Strode. Michael’s niece is named Jamie, and she is now in the custody of a foster family, complete with a teenaged foster-sister, Rachel, whose friends make a nice selection of prey for the oncoming killer. Thankfully, Dr. Loomis survived the great fire of Halloween 2 as well, and he is hot on Michael’s trail, as always.Halloween 5: After the tragic turn of the previous film, little Jamie is now in a children’s psychiatric hospital and mute, while Michael is back on the hunt for her. It’s Halloween again, and Dr. Loomis is around as well, this time trying to use a psychic link Jamie has developed with her diabolical uncle to track and destroy the relentless shape of evil. But there is another sinister force present this time as well.After the producers of the Halloween franchise begun by John Carpenter and Debra Hill attempted to take it in a new, anthology-style direction with Halloween 3, and commercially failed (though, frankly, I am one of the rare folks who love that one), it was decided to bring Michael Myers and Doctor Loomis back from the dead to do battle in a string of hopefully more successful sequels. And so, Halloween 4 through 6 carried out just that plan. Without Jamie Lee Curtis to play Laurie Strode, the series was given a new central victim/survivor girl in daughter Jamie, played magnificently by a very young Danielle Harris. Ellie Cornell played big sis Rachel, and of course, the great Donald Pleasence returned as Dr. Sam Loomis. The resulted Halloween 4, directed by Dwight H. Little, was actually a very good addition to the franchise. Watching it now without distraction for the first time in a long time, this is a pretty darn good slasher movie, a genre I often find tedious(I tend to prefer monsters to slashers). As mentioned before, Danielle Harris is an incredible little actress in both 4 and 5. It’s a crime she hasn’t been given more work in her career, especially since she not only was an adorable kid, but grew up to be absolutely gorgeous (and I’m not one of these longtime Danielle Harris obsessors who have had a crush on her since 1988, but it’s hard not to fall in love with current Danielle while watching the bonus material on these discs and listening to her angelic voice on the commentaries). There is not much to complain about in Halloween 4, and one appreciates it all the more when listening to the commentary from its very capable writer, Alan B. McElroy, who even points out some places where the directing flubbed up things the writing had planned much better. Of course, what I really enjoy on the H4 disc bonus features is the Danielle Harris/Ellie Cornell commentary. I enjoy commentaries when I have time, because it’s like watching the movie with someone else, and who wouldn’t want to snuggle up and watch a movie with Danielle Harris? Yeah, I know, and this is just a new crush for me, ha. Anyway, the H4 disc serves up a fine set of bonuses with both commentaries, plus the trailer, a making of featurette, and discussion panel. Yeah, that’s where Danielle first really started to get to me; such a cutie! Put her in more movies! If I ever get to make some Moonlight Motel flicks, Danielle, you’re on my love-interest list, ha. Anyway, there was one complaint I did want to make about the film. Okay, I could make two, since it does seem ridiculous that Michael is fine now after having both eyes shot out, if I remember correctly, in Halloween 2, and that’s ignoring the fiery explosion. But the thing that bugged me more in the otherwise very good Halloween 4 is that I didn’t like the look of Michael. Gone was the William Shatner mask for a less appealing (in my opinion) white mask, and to me it was often quite obvious that he was wearing padding underneath his suit. Whenever that was painfully obvious to me, well, it just ruined it. Otherwise though, I have to admit really liking this film after giving it a chance again for the first time in a long time.Halloween 5 takes place the following year, so basically, these films must have been made back to back (the surviving cast returns, too). However, gone is the suit padding that hurt part 4 for me, though I still miss the original mask and continued to in the subsequent films. These others just don’t work for me. Anyway, 5 is an okay film. It’s entertaining enough, and I fondly remember seeing this one in a theater on Halloween night as a very young teen. There are interesting new characters, and there’s an underlying conspiracy plot of sorts. It’s clear they are trying to do more with the concept here than allowing it to become just another collection of sequels about a guy going around killing people (which Halloween 8 sort of turns the franchise towards). The Shape is still out to get his last relative, so his drive is still there too. However, the problem with it is in its…

  3. JJ

    Halloween 4 & 5 0

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