Forum Novelties Ghostly Group Ghost Decorations, 3-Piece

Posted January 3rd, 2014 by Halloweenish

Ghostly Outdoor Home Décor Great for Haunted House Props – Cemetery & Grave Scenes

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3 Responses to “Forum Novelties Ghostly Group Ghost Decorations, 3-Piece”

  1. Adi

    Looks great & I received many complements! The ghost set is a great addition to my graveyard scene on Halloween. I received many complements and a few people wanted to know how I made them! (I told them I bought the set).TIP: One issue is the included plastic lawn spikes are not strong enough to hold the ghosts up (especially if the fabric becomes heavy from wet weather). Easy fix! The posts are hollow and I cut wood dowel rods from a hardware store, put the dowels in the ground instead of the included spikes, then slid the posts over the dowels and solved the problem easily.

  2. Chuck170

    Cute but a bit deceiving I like the ghost they are very cute but the picture shows 6 ghost in a circle BEWARE you only get three! If you want a full set you have to order 2

  3. Emily Borota

    I Hate these!!! They are very nice on line in the picture…. But they are a pain to actually keep together in the ground. I have to fix then every 5 minutes… I am going to see how to send them back!!!

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