Doctor X: Zombie’s Halloween Surgeon

Posted November 22nd, 2013 by Halloweenish

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2 Responses to “Doctor X: Zombie’s Halloween Surgeon”

  1. sugar cookie

    by sugar cookie: Its nice to entertain it keeps you busy and entertains my sister who is 3 yrs old and I am 10 an it keeps me busy so its a nice way to just relax kick back not worry an kill time so if you are that kind if bored person I recommend it for you :) laters!!!!!!

  2. Ashley Chapman

    NICE Job In this free version you only get 4 zombies and half of the necessary tools, for access to ALL the tools and various other items (and hopefully MANY MORE zombies) you must pay $3.99.As for game play, it’s not anything I haven’t seen before, but it’s still a pretty fun way to kill some time.My only complaints …. The Zombie says something EVERY TIME you pick up a tool and then repeats it. ANNOYING.And every time I picked up a tool a little arrow would appear to show me EXACTLY where to use the tool…now this may stop after buying the full paid version but it’s still ANNOYING.But yeah, I enjoyed it. So it gets 4 stars.

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