Boo! Here’s a treat, and that’s no trick: the ultimate guide to the most spine-tingling, family-friendly Halloween ever!

This fun collection takes the best ideas from Country Living’s most successful Halloween titles, and combines them with fabulous new suggestions for celebrating the holiday. Choose from more than 40 pumpkin-carving and craft projects, plus party tips, menus with 50 delicious recipes, and six adorable children’s costume patterns. From making a spooky jack-o’-lantern to baking a devilish chocolate cake (and decorating it with our die-cut cover stencil), these unique and fun ideas will appeal to millions of Country Living readers and Halloween fans.


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3 Responses to “Country Living Happy Halloween!: Bewitching Parties and Recipes, Enchanting Pumpkins and Decorations, Plus Lots of Other Spine-Tingling Ideas”

  1. C Mossman "i luv hllwn too"

    a compilation of previous books I have the other two halloween books from Country Living and when the description for this new book stated that this book contained the best ideas from the previous books and some new ideas, I was hoping for some more ideas from the magazine and web site, but no, I found only a few new ideas. So if you have the previous books too, I do not suggest you purchase this one…BUT if you do not have the previous books, then I would describe this book as having a lot of fun “family-oriented” ideas for a calm, clean, crafty autumnal holiday!

  2. D. Matlack "Guidedog"

    Nothing original here This is a compilation of ideas that Martha Stewart and Matthew Mead and every other specialty publication already did over the years. To add to the insult, it has a terrible cover as the black cat is actually a cut out which makes it flimsy and easily rips.Not worth the money.

  3. J. Teegardin

    Great for Halloween Craft & Party ideas!! I’m not familiar with the other Country Living Halloween books, but our family was really impressed with this one. We loved the unique decorating & party ideas. The tasty recipes are very creative! It also gives you ideas for parties, including recipes for adults and gross ones for the kids. We will definitely use this book again next year!

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