Bring your house to life with these amazing Cat Eye Window Posters which illuminate with common interior lighting! Includes one left and one right Catrageous The Beast posters with piercing eyes! Transparent window posters are easy to hang and window friendly. Works on windows as small as 24″ x 36″ and as large as 36″ x 60″. Adheres easily with removable corner stick adhesive squares which are included.

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3 Responses to “Cat-rageous the Beast Translucent Window Decorations “Double Window Design””

  1. gammyd

    need large double window You really need a window that is 35″ for each panel. I had to cut 15 inches off and it took away from the look. I again did not read close enought before I ordered. I will be keeping it but I also had to put it in a window that I was not planning on using. This window has three panels, so for now I used a black piece of poster board to cover the middle panel. When you cut it down, you want to keep the eye and because the eye is so large, 20″ is the smallest size window you can us it in. I really like the idea but would not pay full price ever.

  2. Single income mom looking for best quality/$$...

    All ages LOVE this! For once, I am telling the kids to remember to leave the lights ON!I have TONS of neighbors, kids classmates and even teachers tellingme how much they enjoy driving by the house to see the eyes! I lovethat I can use them again next year too!

  3. Redwing

    Nice but Cartoonish I thought these cat eyes in the top window of my house would look awesome. While they ARE pretty cool, they look a bit cartoonish. I also bought Sinister Sid, a set of sinister eyes with a creepy green face, and they look much more creepy and real. Still, the cat eyes aren’t bad.

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