Casper: Trick or Treat

Posted August 29th, 2013 by Halloweenish

A spooktacular compilation of 12 classic Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons. On this first volume “Trick or Treat,” Casper and his friends go on adventures and have some Halloween fun.

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  1. Richard Giblin "djskyler"

    Another Casper Sampler Here’s yet another Casper “sampler,” a collection of 12 shorts from the Friendliest Ghost’s filmography. They are:Ghost of the TownNot GhoultyFrightday the 13thFright from WrongHooky SpookyHide and ShriekSuper SpooksTo Boo or Not to BooSmall SpooksSpook no EvilSpook and SpanGhost of HonorTen of these are theatrical shorts already available on a much larger compilation called . That great collection is still your best bet for picking up most of the original Casper cartoons and many others for very little cost. However, for serious Casper collectors, this title does include two rare shorts (“Super Spooks” and “Small Spooks”) from 1963′s “The New Casper Cartoon Show.” So if you’re looking to collect all of Casper’s adventures, this is another must get.

  2. Anonymous

    great kids movies i was raised on casper and the violence in cartoon a not there great!!! try old cartoon get kids on the better track today.

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