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Posted August 27th, 2013 by Halloweenish

Making costumes is probably the best way to go. With a thrift store and maybe few costume accessories, which you can buy online, the homemade costume will always be a bigger hit. Most people click around online costume stores for inspiration, but sometimes an innovative idea is just a clink away.

Clink? One of my favourite homemade costumes was a martini glass. The person bought a large plastic elizabethan dog collar, put it on, stuck a red stick in it, for the toothpick, and painted his face green… for the olive. IT was hilarious and everyone knew what he was at first sight.

The tradition of celebrating Halloween originated with Celts. There was a popular belief then that the dead spirits roamed on the earth on the Halloween night and that the unfriendly ones posed danger to the people living on the earth. It was said that these spirits would harm the living people as they could enjoy the fruits of being a living creature. Hence people painted their faces and wore scary costumes to camouflage themselves from the evil spirits.

Some of that spirit is still alive today. Even at fancy dress events and Children’s birthday parties, the sense of empowerment from wearing a costume is palpable. Many young children latch on to costume wearing for this reason, in order to cope with new or unfamiliar situations. And adults find their inhibitions are released without needing … a martini.

For most people, the time and inspiration needed to make a costume isn’t always there. Due to increasing demand the Halloween costumes industry has seen a tremendous rise with more and more stores coming up around the world. Apart from the physical stores there are also many online stores that stock a wide range of costumes. Moon Costumes is our favourite for costume accessories, makeup, wigs, and unlike any other shop, they do custom costumes as well.

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