Are you a shopkeeper?
Are you a tricky brains?
Are you still finding something interesting for your children?
Are you still looking for something speical amazing and funny to prepare your Halloween party?

AusKit’s Halloween Party Prop Cool blood energy bag would be a good choice, you can put your favorite beverage into the bag drinks with this bag will make you so much cool. Perfect for halloween party, costume ball,carnival,Halloween,Christmas,any holiday or travel as a surprise cup and all kinds of parties.

Why choose AusKit’s Blood Pack Containers:
☆ Halloween cosplay vampires beverage bags.You will be amazed how real it looks.
☆ Vampire Blood Energy Drinking Bag can Hold 11.5 Fl Oz and feel quite soft and flexible.
☆ Customizable label has blood type A, B, AB, O and Other. Other category is a fill in box and can write in your own preferred blood type , for example Vampire, Alien,Zombie,Angel or Devil…
☆ The blood bag drink container has a catheter for filling drinks, it also serves as a straw while drinking from the blood bag. With the clip, you can seal the bag anytime without worrying about spills.

● Inner excluding drinks.
● Please rinse the bags with warm water after pouring warm water and keep it to refrigerator(seller recommend) after air dry.You can also use it as an ice bag.
● Keep from heat. Overheating and freezing may damage the blood bag and cause leakage. Do not squash or overfill the bag as this may cause tears in the blood bag. Do not fill with drinks over 113 F.

Material: Food grade PVC material
Color: Clear
Capacity: 350ml

Package List:
10 * Empty Blood Bag
10 * Tube clamps
10 * Blood Type Stickers
1 * Funnel
1 * Syringe

what do you feel when you taste it? Like a vampire ? Amazing and funny ,right? So just do not miss anything will make your day. Just make the order and take it home!

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