Betty Bash Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween Decoration

Posted December 19th, 2013 by Halloweenish

Uh-oh…this wicked witch wasn’t looking where she was flying and ended up smashed against your tree! Made of durable padded nylon, the Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration is 3 feet high (including broom) so she’ll be an eye-catching sight for all passers-by. Wonderfully detailed with purple hair, bright green hands, and straw-look broom, the crashing witch comes fully assembled. Sturdy buckled straps at her hands and feet adjust easily to attach the Crashing Witch around most trees.
Crashing Witch Halloween Decoration Dimensions: 17″W x 10″D x 36″

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2 Responses to “Betty Bash Crashing Witch Into Tree Halloween Decoration”

  1. T

    Not as depicted Upon receipt of product I discovered the box stated for indoor use only. The “witch” is much smaller than listed, only about 30 inches. The head flops back and does not stand upright for use around a porch column. The hat could be nailed to a tree if that is where you want to place it. I am replacing a crashing witch I have used for about 4 years, this model is quite inferior and I am disappointed. The hair and the broom are also quite different from the picture and description. I guess I was expecting too much for the price. However, the item arrived very quickly and in good condition.

  2. B. Arceneaux

    its ok very thin pink hair (cant go outside) it says it on the box ! its stuffed like a stuff animal its not very real looking the broom is plastic strips attached to material it all sewn togther has strapes on arms and legs so if you plan on buying it put it inside your house for a halloween party

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