Beistle Bloody Handprint Clings, 12-Inch by 17-Inch Sheet

Posted November 25th, 2013 by Halloweenish

Beistle 01035 Bloody Handprint Clings. 22 Clings On One Sheet. This sheet includes window clings in assorted sizes, shapes and designs of blood splatters and bloody handprints. Will look very scary on a window!.

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3 Responses to “Beistle Bloody Handprint Clings, 12-Inch by 17-Inch Sheet”

  1. Madeline

    Fun! Hard to put up at first, but I wrote the company and they explained, you need a damp paper towel to make sure they adhere. Lots of fun for Halloween!

  2. Mercedes Crabtree "Moon Valley Crab"

    Perfect for Halloween I bought two of these and they are perfect for our Halloween Party. You can reuse them year after year.

  3. Adora

    Not bad if you are looking for decals These aren’t bad Halloween decorations. Because the description did not mention that they were decals I made the unfortunate mistake of thinking they were gel clings. I had a set that looked almost exactly like these and was hoping to replace it. I was disappointed to find that these are simple, flat decals rather than 3-D gel clings, but that was my mistake.If you are looking for bloody decals these are not incredible (the clear border around each blood splatter is easily visible on my mirror) but the ability arrange them any way you like adds some fun. I had no trouble attaching them and they do not seem terribly prone to fingerprint damage. As long as you know what you are buying and are not picky about seeing the clear border you should be happy with these!

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