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Posted April 12th, 2014 by Halloweenish

Remember when, as a kid, you ran through the back yard with a cape tied to your neck? Those were the days of fun and carefree play that marked childhood. Somewhere along the line, people changed what fun means, and if you ran around in a ‘cape’ today, well you might end up somewhere with white walls instead of green grass, unless, of course, it’s Halloween. Halloween is that one day a year us adults get to dress up like we did when we were kids, but the days of sheets around our necks are gone (well unless you like the sheet look). Today there are superhero costumes at really inexpensive prices available on-line or at your local costume shop. Here are the top 7 superhero costumes for adults and kids alike.

Batman- Whether you wear the 1960s version or the 1990s version, this costume stands the test of time. The updated version is, of course, sexier, but the older version has its benefits as well (it’s usually cheaper, for one).

Spiderman – Hollywood has given us two versions of this costume with the release of Spiderman 3. While the outfit was already known among Spiderman comic readers, the movie has made the darker, more evil, black Spiderman suit popular. There are even kids versions of this costume in both colors.

The Incredibles – This fantastic movie not only made us laugh, it gave us new superheros and their costume styles. Part of the charm of their costumes are the gray, red and black colors. The other charming aspect of these costumes is they were worn by a family, so as a family costume this one is terrific.

Wonder Woman – By far one of the best superhero costumes of all time. It is also the most elaborate. There is no costume which has as many accessories to complete the outfit, than Wonder Woman. The Lasso of Truth, gold bracelets (better known as vambraces), boots and of course the crown make this costume a fun piece of clothing to wear.

Daredevil – The movie may have semi-bombed, but this beloved comic book hero is an inspiration. Besides it is a great excuse to buy red leather pants and jacket.

Superman – Perhaps not the sexiest of costumes, the popularity of Smallville makes this a great character to emulate. Since his alter ego, Clark Kent, is also recognizable a simple pair of chinos, button down shirt with a superman t-shirt underneath is also a great way to wear this costume (without having to put on tights).

Supergirl – One of my favorite costumes of all time (as well as movies), this costume, unlike the Superman one, is very sexy and fun to wear.

There is no limit to the number of available superhero costumes to wear. I’ve only presented a limited number here. A simple Internet search will yield thousands of costume stores on-line with ridiculously low prices for the costumes.

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