21 Fun Halloween Stories for 4-8 Year Olds

Posted March 1st, 2013 by Halloweenish

This book is perfect for bedtime and also children that are learning to read. It is also filled with beautiful color pictures.

This book has:
✓ 21 Fun Halloween Stories
✓ Bonus Halloween Games
✓ Halloween Jokes

The stories that are included:

1) Johnny the Friendly Ghost
2) Witch’s Gold
3) The Big Surprise
4) The Special Gifts
5) The Creepy Crawly
6) How to Fool a Ghost
7) The Monster Cats
8) The Giant’s Toy
9) Scary Wolf
10) The Witch’s Spell
11) The Careful Spider
12) The Teeny Tiny Lady
13) Magical Spell
14) Little Creature
15) The Mysterious Guest
16) Goblin in the Woods
17) The Frog’s Treat
18) The Ugly Pumpkin
19) The Mysterious Drum
19) How the Elephant Turned Into a Horse
20) The Careful Spider
21) The Hidden Star

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2 Responses to “21 Fun Halloween Stories for 4-8 Year Olds”

  1. J. Hollister

    Really Fun Book We are big Halloween fans in my family so when I saw this book I know it would be something that my nephews would enjoy. All of the stories are terrific fun simple enough that you can get them to read the stories too. It is really an enjoyable book for young children and some would make for great campfire stories. It also has some fun games at the end in the same vein as iSpy and some of those spot the difference games. If you have got some little ones that love Halloween you have got to check out this book.

  2. BJC

    Great stories for children My 6 year old loved hearing the stories and enjoyed the games. The stories are not too long and I thought the jokes were especially cute and perfect for young readers. The book was longer than I expected which was a nice surprise and the stories are just long enough so as to not turn off early readers. I know I will be hearing the jokes for a while now.

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