Cooking Games Can Teach Skills While Kids Are Having Fun

Posted March 11th, 2013 by Halloweenish

A generation or so ago, most children learned to cook by hanging out in the kitchen with Mom or Grandma. They learned mainly by watching and asking questions. Nowadays most Moms and Grandmas work. Many have little time to cook, much less to teach while cooking for kids .

So as we find fun activities to keep kids busy indoors, cooking games can be fun with a purpose. They can teach valuable skills that kids can use now and in later life.

Children easily pick up information from computer games. It doesn’t seem like studying when you’re having fun. And cooking games can be a lot of fun. Some of the biggest hit computer games are about making and serving food. Kids and adults love them.

Although boys are less attracted to cooking games, generally, than girls are, any boys like cooking games as well. And let’s face it, we all need to know how to cook., one of the best Internet sites for girls games, has a huge selection of cooking games, too. There are cake games, candy games, pizza games, burger games, salad games, pancake games, hot dog games, fired chicken games, sandwich shop games, and even cooking class games. Kids can learn to cook with Minnie Mouse or giggle along with Goofy or other favorite characters as they teach about cooking in a comical way., another great site with a huge selection of games for girls, also has a large selection of cooking games. They seem especially focused on games that teach kids to cook, and they have gathered a good collection of them.

Computer games are especially nice for kids who are interested in cooking but should not be playing around in the kitchen unsupervised. They can learn a lot about cooking and then practice what they have learned when Mom or Dad is home and has time to oversee their efforts. By getting the basics out of the way, the games can make learning to cook more fun for budding cooks and their adult mentors as well.

Best of all, cooking games are fun! And maybe next Halloween your little ghosts and goblins will be helping you make treats to share with others.

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