Make Your Own Eerie Rorschach Thermal-Change Mask!

Posted November 14th, 2012 by Halloweenish

You may not be familiar with the comics character Rorschach. I wasn’t. Apparently there was a movie called Watchmen in which this character appeared with an incredibly weird and wonderful mask that changed as the character breathed.

Turns out, there is a way you can make one of those spectacular masks yourself. And you can get the information on this great new website, It is all done with color changing paint.

The site also explains about the Rorschach character, the comics, the Watchmen movie and more detail on the masks. There are some great photos, too.

If you want to get started now to be ready for next Halloween, that is the place to go. One of these masks could be nice for Mardi Gras, too.

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